Writing JYN worksheets on another

In The Work, we are encouraged to write Judge Your Neighbor worksheets on another person, situation or thing – such as the body.

And when I do inquiry on those statements, what I realize is that I really wrote the worksheet on myself. I get to see my own thoughts and reactions. I get to see who I would be, in the same situation, without the thought. I get to see the turnarounds, apply them to my own life, and see they are the prescription for my own happiness and satisfaction.


– any worksheet is on myself
— it’s my thoughts, my beliefs
— what I see over there is here, he/she is a mirror for me
— it’s all happening within my world + within this awareness + it’s my thoughts/images
— so it’s always on myself, cannot not be on myself (impossible)
— helpful to “forget”, write about another without censoring, then answer the four questions and see it’s really about me
— write on another + from one specific situation, then more free + grounded in real experience
— ….

– get to see my own thoughts, my own reactions
– get to see who i would be without it
– get to see the turnarounds, apply my advice to myself – my own medicine for happiness
– and, more free to judge, let the thoughts come up and down on paper – when it’s about another

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