Any story that you tell about yourself….

Any story that you tell about yourself causes suffering. There is no authentic story.
– Byron Katie

What happens when I take stories about me as true?

I am smart. I am good. I am stupid. Nobody loves me for who I am. What happens if I take these as exclusive truths?

I am a man. I am Norwegian. Is it true? What happens if I take these as true? What does this prevent me from noticing or doing?

I am human. I am an object in the world. Can I know it’s true? What do I find when I explore the turnarounds? Can I find simple, real, specific examples of these turnarounds?

I am an observer. I am a doer. Is it true? Can I find simple, real, specific examples for the turnarounds?

I am awareness. Can I know it’s true? What am I unable to notice when I have this belief? What’s a simple, clear, real example of the turnaround?


draft – this one feels uncomfortable, too much as if I know, as if I am telling how it is, which is not true….

Any story is limiting. It makes reality much smaller than it is. So as soon as I hold onto any story about myself as true, there is suffering.

First, if it is taken as an exclusive truth there is suffering. If I see myself as exclusively smart, I leave out everything that doesn’t fit. I have to defend the story. I feel hurt if someone says something that doesn’t fit. I feel threatened by anything that doesn’t fit.

Then, it depends on a story of me (human self) and I (observer, experiencer, doer). If that story is taken as true, there is also suffering. The me is born and will die. The I is separate from everything else.

Another layer is awareness itself. If there is identification as awareness and not (also) that which everything happens within and as, there is suffering since this too creates separation. It creates an appearance of separation that’s not really there.

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