Doing The Work on outcasts

Finding situations/statements about outcasts.


Woman begging by the train station:

She should get a job.

She should go home to her own country.

She shouldn’t use guilt to get what she wants.

She should pull herself out of it.

She lives in misery.

She has failed in life.

She is a loser.

People despise her.

People are uncomfortable around her.

She is at the bottom of society.

She is worthless.

It could be me.


Man at library in Oregon:

He should wash himself.

He shouldn’t bother other people.

He should get a job.

He should find someone who can help him.

He doesn’t contribute to society.

He is worthless.

Lonely people


She should get out more.

She should find friends.

She should join a group.

She is a loser.

Nobody likes her.

There is something wrong with her.

She is tainted.


Woman at supermarket:

She should get a better education.

She should get a better job.

People look down at her.

She is not as good as others.

People avoid her.



She should get tings done right away.

She shouldn’t spend so much time working up to getting it down.

She is weak.

It’s something wrong with her.

– o –


Here I find a specific situation and person, and then one or two statements.

I can later take these situations/people to a Judge Your Neighbor worksheet to see what more is there.

About writing these statements:

The first few statements are the ones closer to my awareness.

The last ones are the ones I find when I go deeper, when I am ruthlessly honest with myself.

– o –



  • doing the work on outcasts (in my mind)
    • beggars
      • a woman on the bridge to the train: she should get a job,
    • homeless
      • should get a job
      • should pull themselves out of it
    • lonely people
      • should be more social
      • should get out more
    • uneducated
      • T: should get a better education, a better job
    • procrastinators
      • J: should get it done quickly
    • ….

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