Feeling good

As who I am – a human being in the world – it’s natural and healthy to want to feel good. It’s a built-in survival mechanism.

As what I am, truth takes priority.

And I notice that beliefs creates discomfort (don’t feel good) and confusion (don’t have clarity). So whether I want to feel good or truth, it may be a good idea to look at my beliefs.

Some beliefs about feeling good: I need to feel good. If I don’t feel good, something is wrong. I don’t feel good, and that means something terrible has happened. Inquiry (meditation, prayer) should make me feel good. I need…. her, him, something, in order to feel good.

Some beliefs about truth: Truth is better than clarity. Truth will help me feel good. Truth is the answer. Truth will fix me.

And just for good measure, some beliefs about beliefs: Clarity is better than confusion. Beliefs create unease/suffering. Beliefs are bad. I need to get rid of beliefs. Beliefs are powerful. 

In each case, when I inquire into these beliefs, it’s very helpful to find a specific situation where I had that thought, imagine myself back in that situation, and answer from there.


  • feeling good
    • as who i am – natural and healthy to want to feel good, survival mechanism
    • as what i am – truth takes priority
    • beliefs
      • i need to feel good
      • something is wrong if i don’t feel good
      • if i don’t feel good, it means something terrible has happened/will happen
      • inquiry should make me feel good (meditation, prayer)
      • i need…. (her/him/something) to feel good
      • …..

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