Inquiry: Fear exists

Fear exists. 






Fear seems substantial, real, solid.

Fear becomes a thing to me.

Fear becomes something to fear, wrestle with.

There is a separation to fear. I am here, fear there.

I try to learn about fear. Figure it out.

I try to learn how to deal with it.

I obsess slightly about fear.

I fear fear.


I see the label “fear” and know it’s just a label.

Curious about what the label “fear” refers to.

Curious about what’s really there in simple immediate experience.

Noticing that the label refers to a sensation.


Fear doesn’t exist.

1. “Fear” is a label only.

2. What “fear” refers to is something else. It’s a sensation, a set of thoughts, what happens when those thoughts are believed.

3. I cannot see fear. I cannot hold it. If I put all the fear in the world into one container, it would be empty.

Next 24 hours

–> “Fear” is a label, and refers to a set of thoughts and what happens when they are believed.

– o –

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