Inquiry on a dream: Russian anarchist

I am in a field in the countryside south of Moscow. It’s late fall. Frost on the ground. The sun is just about to rise. There is a farm house some distance away. I know I am followed and about to be executed – shot in the head – in that house. I also know why. I oppose the planned violence of a larger faction of the anarchists and consider exposing them.

This is a Big Dream I had in my teens, during the initial awakening. (I wrote about it once before.) It felt very real, and when I checked the history books, the details of the dream – many more than mentioned above – seemed to fit. Whether this has anything to do with a past life or not is not so important. What’s important is that it certainly did reflect something in me at the time, and still does. So here are some beliefs brought to the surface by this dream:

I need to survive. 

He will kill me. 

I will suffer.

I am lost. 

I am alone. 

It’s dangerous to speak up. 

It’s dangerous for me to speak my truth. 

He doesn’t like me. 

Something terrible is going to happen. 

I will die. 

It’s going to hurt. 

He is dangerous. 

I made a mistake. 

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