The dance of duality

That’s what it’s meant to do, by the way. It’s the dance of duality. Equal and opposite high. Guess what the price for it is? Equal and opposite low. [….]

Are you getting tired of it? Are you almost ready to be done with it? [….]

That’s what it’s trying to do to you. It’s making you sick [of it] so you stop looking for happiness, or truth, or freedom, or God on the teeter-totter. […] And it doesn’t listen if you like it or not, have you noticed? All it’s waiting for is…. you are done. What else is there? Not high. Not low. [….]

That’s another reason for it. If you have a spiritual self-image, you gotta have something to come along to tear it apart. Because it’s about truth, do you remember? Truth doesn’t care of the spiritual image we have of ourselves. It doesn’t just take away the rotten bad stuff, it also takes away the good. Do you like to see yourself this way? I am sorry honey. [….]

– Adyashanti, Territory of Freedom (part 1, 1:13 – 1:15)

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