Tim Minchin’s Storm

A story of post-modernism gone awry, misapplied skepticism, and wishful thinking. And no, I don’t agree with everything Minchin says here, but he has a good point.

This can be very simple. Some stories are very helpful in a practical and pragmatic sense, and one important set of these stories comes from science.

In my daily life, I usually take a quite practical, pragmatic and – when appropriate – science based approach. It works, so it only makes sense. I may appear as a rationalist, perhaps even a materialist, and sometimes a skeptic.

And yet, I want to go deeper and explore further. I want to investigate these stories, and especially the ones that are either stressful for me or the ones I hold as most obviously true, and sometimes they are the same. I want to see what’s more true for me, here and now, than my initial belief. I want to explore what happens if I live from what’s more true for me.

I know I do it for myself, so I rarely mention it. It’s a different topic than most everyday conversations touches upon, so it doesn’t come up so often. And if I occasionally bring it up, it’s because I know – or perhaps suspect – I am talking with someone with a shared interest in this.

There may also be some beliefs behind this: He shouldn’t see me as flaky. I need her to see me as rational and level-headed. If he sees me as flaky, it means…. he won’t like me, he will discount what I say, he will reject me. 

And there is certainly a history behind it. I was a hard-core atheist before the initial awakening/opening, and some of those attitudes are still with me – I am still quite skeptical, I am still interested in science etc.


  • can be very simple
    • for practical purposes, science etc. very helpful
    • for myself, want to go deeper, want to explore further
      • and yet, know it’s for myself, rarely mention it in conversation
    • in daily life
      • practical, pragmatic, science based, often skeptical, may appear as a rationalist, sometimes even materialist
      • rarely mention the deeper inquiries, b/c it’s for myself, it’s a different topic – only mention if see there may be a shared interest
    • can also be misunderstood
      • it’s all a story, yes, that doesn’t mean some stories are not more helpful than others in a practical sense
      • …..
    • …..

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