Neurogenic tremors as a simple, basic human activity

When I describe the typical effects of TRE, I sometimes think it sounds too much as a panacea. It almost sounds too good to be true.

And then I remember there are other human activities that are also simple, yet have a broad range of desirable effects. Eating well and exercising are two obvious ones.

Neurogenic tremors are in many ways as basic as eating and being physically active. It’s a mechanism that has evolved for us to release tension and rightening our organism as a whole, body and mind.

By releasing chronic tension in this way – including in deep muscle layers, the overall stress level is reduced. And this, in turn, tends to greatly reduce a range of symptoms of stress, such as hypersensitivity, reactivity, anxiety, depression, addictions, sleep problems, physical pain and discomfort, and more.

This may be what I tell myself about my experience, and what others report. And yet, it’s always new and an adventure. It’s something to try out and see what happens.


– tre
— similar to a good diet, exercise
— very simple, basic, broad effects – improves overall well being, and a lot of specifics too



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