Inquiry: It’s dangerous to speak up

An inquiry where I go back to the dream where I was killed for speaking up:

It’s dangerous to speak up.



Sure it’s true?


What happens when I believe that thought?

I regret having spoken up.

I spoke up and it got me killed. Something terrible happened because I spoke up.

I hold back.

I filter what I say and do.

I am afraid of being authentic, open, honest.

I experience stress and tension.

I feel alone, isolated.

I resent myself and others because I am not authentic.

Who would I be without the thought?

Unafraid to speak up. Authentic, open, honest.

And at the same time, I may not speak up if I am not called to, if it doesn’t seem beneficial.

True to myself.


It’s not dangerous to speak up.

1. In most situations, it has no undesirable consequences. (In a conventional sense.)

2. I can be authentic/honest with myself, and then see if I am called to speak up to the other person.

If a belief prevents me from speaking up, I can question that belief.

In that way, I take care of myself.

3. The worst that can happen is an unquestioned thought.

It’s dangerous to not speak up.

1. If I am called to speak up and don’t, it’s uncomfortable.

2. I don’t get what I want.

3. The other person don’t know what’s going on for me, so there may be misunderstandings.

– o –

Additional thoughts

I shouldn’t die.

It’s dangerous to die.

Something terrible happens if I die.

– o –


I did this inquiry again with another person facilitating, and found something more:

Who would I be without the thought?


I see I have several options.

1. I can chose to not speak up there and then, if the consequences don’t seem worth it.

2. I can speak up there and then and take the consequences.

3. I can wait and go somewhere else, and speak up from there, for instance through an article in a news paper.


It’s not dangerous to speak up.

1. I can find a way to do it that’s not dangerous. (In the dream.)

I can go to another location (France) and speak up from there.

2. Speaking up in itself is not dangerous. At most, their reaction may be. (In the dream.)

3. Speaking up in my waking daily life is not dangerous. Most people appreciate it.

It’s dangerous to not speak up.

1. Yes, in the dream I would passively take part in a crime by not speaking up. (They were planning to use violence.)

2. I don’t take care of myself if I don’t speak up.

3. It’s not good for me to not speak my truth.

It’s supporting to speak up.

1. It’s good for me to speak my truth.

2. I am taking care of myself by speaking up.

3. Other people know what I think and feel.

4. I support others by showing that it’s possible to speak up.

– o –

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