My prescription for him

When I do inquiry on my advice for another person, I can ask myself how? What’s my prescription for him? What specifically should he/she do in that situation?

Situation: A guy commenting on and arguing against the John Welwood article.

Statement: He should be more receptive.

Prescription: Sit back, read more closely, take it in, find validity in it, bridge the views (your familiar one and what JW writes), wait until you are more clear, ask for advice/support in understanding and shifting.

So when I do inquiry, and come to the “I should be more receptive” turnaround, I have the prescription for myself. How would it be for me to sit back, read more closely etc. in that situation? How would it be to do it right now? How would it be for me to do it in similar situations in the future? To get the most out of it, I take one prescription at a time and stay with it for a while.

Note: This is a guideline from Byron Katie.

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