Inquiry: I need to survive

I need to survive.

An inquiry from the Russian dream, done over Skype with N.



Sure it’s true?


What happens, how do you react, when you believe that thought?

I feel scared. Afraid. Terror. Dread.

* Something is terribly wrong.

* A feel like a victim.

Can think clearly.

Have trouble breathing.

All I can do is run.

I blame them.

* They are doing something wrong.

Who would you be without it?

At peace.

Don’t know what will happen.

Am going to die anyway, at some point. It’s part of life.

If it happens now or later, is not up to me, and either way is OK.


I don’t need to survive.

1. The initial thought is just a thought, nothing more.

2. It’s part of life to die, it’s how it is for all beings without exception.

It’s how it is for all phenomena, without exception.

3. I don’t know what’s best for me, others, the world – dying now or later.

I need to die.

1. My thinking about this needs to die.

2. Any ideas about myself need to die for me to be at peace with what’s happening.

(Unquestioned assumptions, needs to die.)

3. All beings die, it creates space for new beings.

All phenomena die, it creates space for new phenomena.

– o –

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