To undo one belief is to undo thousands of years in time

To undo one belief is to undo thousands of years in time.
– Byron Katie

Any belief colors my perception of past and future, as far back and as far ahead as I can envision.

So when there is more clarity around a story, my past and future clears up too.

I believe nobody loves me. I find evidence in the past, even in past lives if those images come up, and I imagine situations in the future that fits this story.

I examine that thought, and find that something else is more real and true for me. I realize many have loved me in the past, and do so now. I can find examples, and it makes up a long list. More importantly, I realize those who appeared to not love me may have. If they are as me, they may have believed their thoughts, which temporarily prevented them from recognizing their love. Finding simple, real, specific examples of this shifts my relationship to that story, and it shifts my past, future and present.

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