Breathe, feel, turn it over

When something I tend to see as “other” comes up – a feeling, a thought, pain, discomfort, I can…..

1. Breathe – stay with the sensations of the breath.

2. Feel – stay with the feeling of whatever comes up in the body.

3. Turn it over to God – to the divine, infinite intelligence, infinite love.

As so many simple pointers and “practices”, this is an invitation to notice what’s already here.

When attention is brought to the sensations of the breath, it goes out of stories – out of being caught in the content of stories.

When whatever is here is felt, there is a softening of the sense of “I” and “other” – it may even fall away, revealing the field of experience as a seamless field. A seamless field  within which any sense of I and Other appears within and as.

When it’s turned over to God, there is an invitation to shift attention to what’s already here – the field of experience/awareness/no-thing it’s all already happening within and as, and out of content of stories. There is an invitation to see what happens when whatever is here is consciously, intentionally turned over to this field.

Note: Breathe, feel, turn it over comes from Barry Martin Snyder and Karen Anderson, and is described in their book Soul Awakening.

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