Dream: Obstacle Course

I easily and quickly pass through a large public obstacle course. It’s early in the morning and few others have started. On the other side, I decide to return and go through it the other way. I realize the obstacle course is far more difficult and challenging than I first thought. About half way, looking down at a tall vertical wall, I decide to take a break. I find some friends there and get into a different adventure with them (inside of an old mansion part of the course). And there is the awareness that I can just leave the obstacle course. I don’t have to go through it again either way.

I wonder if the dream is not telling me several things. I passed through the “obstacle course” quickly and easily at first, during the initial awakening. Then, I went back into the course (dark night). And there is the option of stepping down from it altogether, when I am ready for it.


I wonder if the dream has to do with the initial awakening and the following dark night. During the initial awakening, everything was easy – recognizing all as God, love and appreciation for whatever happened, doing whatever I put my mind to etc. It was, in some ways, a preview, and it happened without the “work” of getting there. So the process returned to the obstacle course for a while (dark night), and I got to see it requires more than I realized. I get to try out some tools in situations where they seem really needed, I get to see “I” cannot really do anything, and in general it’s a quite humbling process.

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