Inquiry about the future

When I do inquiry on thoughts about the future, the turnarounds may be a bit tricky.

For instance I’ll miss my flight.

T1: I won’t miss my flight.

I may not find specific examples of how it’s true that I won’t miss my flight. It is, after all, about the future, and the truth is I don’t know.

When I take it in, I see there is a world of difference between I will miss my flight and I don’t know. It brings me closer to reality, and there is a significant shift right there.

To find a richer set of examples in the turnaround, I may also look at related thoughts such as:

I need to catch my flight. I need to arrive on time.

Here I can find specific examples of why I don’t need to catch my flight, why I don’t need to arrive on time.

And I can also find underlying thoughts through:

Missing my flight means…..

Arriving late means….

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