The One Percent

I keep realizing how the 1% are fulfilling their destiny and serving all of us. They are the souls who are holding the last dying vestiges of the old cycle of fear and separation to it’s conclusion. As much as it seems like what is holding us back, there is a knowing it is not so. Instead their role is integral to birthing the new EarthHeaven. They are holding some of the integral pieces of the completing cycle of individualization, ego development and matter identification which provides the container for the light of the One to fully incarnate. When they have served this purpose, they will drop their role in this grand play and either exit or unfold into inextricably important aspects of the new unfolding reality of love and Oneness. Yet at the level of this every day human world of appearances, the dynamics of duality weave the drama we all are asked to play our role in, signing petitions, demonstrating, etc. All the while though the most powerful thing we can do is take those precious moments to transcend this apparent dualistic world of aggressors and victims, have’s and have-nots and see the truth of humanity as one group soul unfolding splendidly perfectly into the collective messiah-Christ.
Barry Martin Snyder on Facebook

Yes, ego-structures developed today may now be in the service of beliefs and the effects of beliefs (fear etc.), at least as seen from a very superficial view.

And yet, when these beliefs are seen through and fall away, these same structures become in the service of love and wisdom. They become another and unique way for love and wisdom to be lived through a human live, perhaps even a more mature way.

And they never were not in the service of love and wisdom.


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