Abuse of power

Some thoughts that come up around this:

It’s police brutality. The police officers are arrogant and stupid.

It’s unfair. (Innocent dancers are put in prison while police officers abusing their power go free.)

Americans are uninformed and uncivilized. (Allowing systematic abuse of power at many levels.)

People shouldn’t abuse their power. It’s better when power is not abused.

The US is going down the drain.

Something terrible happened. (Innocent people arrested.)

From similar situations:

They are corrupt.

It’s better with no corruption.

They don’t allow dissent.

It’s better to allow dissent.

And from own childhood experiences:

I was innocently accused. They didn’t believe me. I was not treated fairly. Life is not fair.

He is more powerful than me. I cannot speak up. I cannot get what I want.

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