Feeling love, being love

Something very basic about love:

Love is independent of feelings and emotions, and it includes – sometimes – saying no.

It’s perhaps easiest to see this in the love a parent have for it’s child, or the love a couple may have for each other. Sometimes it’s felt, sometimes not. And it doesn’t really matter.

Also, love can be filtered through beliefs such as:

Love is only here when I feel it.

I need this person in my life.

I need him or her to behave a certain way.

And in this case, it looks the way an ordinary human life looks. Love filtered through beliefs and some confusion.

Finally, love is what we are. Love is what everything is. It’s life’s love for itself. Sometimes, it’s filtered through beliefs and looks like confusion, ideologies, fear. Sometimes, there is more clarity and it looks like ordinary kindness and wisdom.


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