Head, heart, belly

I was reminded of this again today:

The initial shift was into head/heart awakening – seeing all as God, without exception (head) and a natural acting from seeing all as God (heart).

Now, it’s the belly’s turn. A reorganization at the level of the basic instinctual level, that primal fear of death, the primal holding on.

The two first were quite mild shifts in comparison for me, perhaps because there is a good amount of deep primal fear in this body and not so much practice relating to it with ease and love.

And it also seems that the first two – head and heart – fade so the primal holding on at the belly can surface and be seen, felt, loved. So the stories behind it can be seen and inquired into.

Note: The heart center for me now is about acting from seeing/feeling all as God. It’s what happens naturally when this is seen, and it’s less obscured by taking stories as true. It’s love, and yet it’s love independent of feelings of love. Feelings of love may come and go, while acting from love – from a recognition of all as God – is different.


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