How would it be to be open for anything?

How would it be to be open for anything? Illness and health, peace and war, confusion and clarity, contentment and suffering, death and life? Sanity and insanity, having a home and homelessness, pain and pleasure, included and rejected?

How would I be if I was open for anything?

Do any beliefs or fears surface? What are some of the thoughts?

Homeless people are failures.

Illness is terrible. Death is terrible.

Clarity is better than confusion. Sanity is better than insanity. Contentment is better than suffering.

War means…. I will suffer. I shouldn’t suffer. I will lose someone I love. People will die. (People shouldn’t die.) Something terrible will happen.

I need beliefs to protect myself. I need to hold onto a view to take care of myself. I need a fixed perspective to be responsible. I need to know to be safe.


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