The things I think I need before I can do something else

One set of beliefs are on the theme of I need… before….

I need to be fixed (before life is right, before I can live life fully).

I need my health to be better (before I can enjoy life, before I can move to…, before I can fully commit to….).

I need a resolution (of this problem, before I can relax).

I need more money (so I can be content).

I need a good relationship (so my life is on track).

I need a better situation (before I can have children).

And then the reverse ones:

I can’t move to the Bay Area (until my health is better).

I can’t live fully (until this is resolved).

My life is not on track (until I have a good relationship).

I can’t have children (until the situation is more optimal).

I almost forgot the big ones:

I’ll be happy in heaven.

Life will be right when I am enlightened.

Life will be better when I am in heaven/enlightened.

My problems will be solved when I am in heaven/enlightened.

I cannot be fully satisfied until I am in heaven/enlightened.

I cannot live life fully until I am enlightened.

And what follows:

 There is a heaven.

There is enlightenment.

There is an “I” to be enlightened.

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