It’s from the past

I did an inquiry on the thought it’s from the past yesterday.

This refers to the (apparent) childhood wounds that have bubbled up recently,
along with feelings and thoughts such as I am alone, nobody likes me, I am unlovable.

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It’s from the past.

Is it true?


Can you know for certain it’s true?


What happens, how do you react, when you believe that thought?

I see it (the childhood wound) as in the past.

I cannot do anything about it – that it happened.

I blame my parents, life.

I use it – placing it in the past – as an excuse.

There is a sense of separation.

I feel like a victim.

There is a sense of separation from me and the cause.

My body feels weak.

Who would you be without the belief?

There is intimacy – with life, myself, the cause.

The cause is something I can have exchanges with here and now.

The cause happens here now, in my images.


It’s not from the past.

It’s happening here now, in my images of my childhood, a timeline.

I create it now.

It’s from the present.

It’s all here now: Images of my past, a childhood, a timeline.

Even if others say it’s in the past, that too is happening here now.

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It was helpful and sobering to see how believing the story of “childhood wounds” creates separation.

With the thought the “cause” is placed safely in the past. It’s “other”. It’s not my responsibility.

Without the thought, the “cause” is here now.


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Related beliefs

It’s a memory.

It actually happened.

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