Learning to be a natural animal

To simplify quite a bit:

An animal in the wild lives in simplicity and shakes off the traumas that inevitably happens in it’s life.

A mistreated and caged animal becomes neurotic.

So through neurogenic tremors, I learn to shift from the mistreated and caged patterns to become that free and natural animal. There is a release of tension and trauma, and a reorganization at many levels – physical, emotional and mental.

And I am the one who did the mistreatment and caging – through believing my own thoughts.

Note: What happens when I believe my thoughts is as natural as what happens when I don’t.


Through TRE, we learn to be a free and natural animal instead of a mistreated and caged animal.

TRE – learning to be a free natural animal instead of a mistreated/caged animal (and we did the mistreatment and caging ourselves)

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