My Will, Thy Will

What’s my will, what’s Your (God’s) will?

I find three layers here in my own experience.

First two where there is the appearance of my will vs. God’s will.

My will is what happens whenever a thought is taken as true. It’s what’s revealed through question #3 in The Work. Believing any thought – such as “she should do the dishes” – is my will. It’s something that appears to be in opposition to reality, and it can be painful.

When that thought is investigated, there is more receptivity, kindness, access to wisdom, and so on. For instance, I may lie in bed thinking I should get up, wanting myself to get up, and there is struggle. Or I may lie in bed with curiosity about when this body will get out of bed, watching and noticing. In the first case, “my will” creates struggle and drama. In the second, it just happens. Any thought can be used as an example here. I believe my body should be healthier, and there is stress and struggle. My will is for my body to be healthier, and reality – in my mind – is different, so there is struggle. I investigate that thought and find something else is more true, and there is more alignment with reality, kindness, peace, and access to practical wisdom. Finding what’s more true for me than the initial belief gives a sense of aligning myself more with reality, with God’s will.

And when all of this is investigated a bit closer, what’s revealed is that it’s all God’s will. Getting caught in a belief, finding more clarity, it’s all God’s will. Whatever is here is God’s will.

What’s here is God’s will. And that includes any impulse to act, do something, change something.



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