Power dynamics

Inquiry has helped me see how some of the social “power dynamics” operate in me.

Any belief related to “I need to be liked” or “I need to survive” – and there is a lot of those! – helps keep me in my place in society. I follow norms and expectations because I am afraid of losing (a) people’s love and approval of me and (b) safety and security (money). It’s how women have been kept in their place, how religions and power structures have been (somewhat) protected against serious questioning, and how people end up doing what’s expected of them in general rather than following what’s more true for them.

Some statements related to this:

There are power dynamics in society.

People are kept in their place in society.

Society is unfair.


I need to survive.

I need […] to like me.

I need my boss to like me.

I need a job. I need money.

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