I find I don’t use the word projections much anymore.

It’s obviously useful since it’s a well known term. It refers to imagining something that’s here – in me, out there in the wider world.

And as with so many terms, it makes less sense the closer I look at it and the more I get familiar with it.

It’s really all happening within my images of the world.

There is an image of a me here and a wider world out there. A story of qualities or something else. An image of these qualities out there in the world and not (so much) in here. An image of space it all happens within. An image of a timeline with past, present and future. An image of an I as an observer or doer.

And it’s all happening within and as my world of images. It’s all happening right here.

Said another way: The term “projection” is based on the image of a separation of me and the wider world. And yet, that too – a me and a wider world – also happens within my images. I cannot find it anywhere else.




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