Abandoned in a dark room

Here is an image that keeps coming up for me, with feelings:

I am a baby in a crib, alone in a dark room.

Some statements:

My mother has abandoned me.
My mother doesn’t love me.
My mother doesn’t care.
I am abandoned.
Nobody loves me. **
Nobody cares.
I am not worth caring about.
I will die.
Something terrible is happening.
Something is wrong.
I don’t want to be here. **
I don’t want to live in this world.
I’ll show life it made a mistake (by letting me be born).
The world is hostile.
This world is cold and cruel.
Note: I did inquiry on I don’t want to be here (as a baby alone in a dark room, and now), and found that with the belief, I hold back, go numb. Without the thought, there is curiosity, interest. And I also felt into I do want to be here, even as a baby in the crib, and see how available it is.

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