Alchemy can perhaps be said to have two facets:

First, a transmutation from lead to gold, finding wholeness as who we are, as human beings in the world. This may be invited in through any number of practices, therapies or ordinary maturing and human experiences.

Then, immortality, notice what’s already here, what is – what we are and everything is – noticing itself. That which everything happens within and as – including time and space and who we are – noticing itself. This is, in a sense, finding immortality. What time happens within and as notices itself.  This may be invited in through simple inquiry, although it happens on its own schedule.

Note: I know close to nothing about alchemy. I just got the impression that transmutation and immortality are two often-referred to facets of alchemy, and this is what comes up for me around those words.



  • (a) lead into gold
    The gold in the shadow
    Wholeness as who we are
  • (b) immortality
    Notice what’s already here
    What is noticing itself

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