Dream: Reviewing, remembering a life

I am interviewing, getting to know, and reviewing the life of an amazing person, who is me and not me. He or she works with a number of other people on research projects relating to art, art history, photography, architecture, sociology, biology, ecology and sustainability. I am shown their research projects, which are very familiar to me and yet not.

About to review a turning point in this person’s life, I pass a lake I swam in often as a child. The water is there, and yet not. Initially, I walk on the bottom of the lake and look up. It’s beautiful with clean sand, and I can see the fish swimming and the plants on the bottom and floating on the surface. Then I swim under water, as if there is water there while it’s also not. I don’t need to surface to breathe. This is apparently how this person functions, and it’s very familiar while also not. It’s my life, and it’s as if I am just reminded of it.

Going back to a turning point in this person’s life, I see that he is a man and his life has stagnated a bit. He has done art and much more, and the zest has gone out of his life. A woman comes, who is partly physical and partly not. She floats as she arrives. She is partly him and partly not. They were originally one, then had separate lives, and now she returns. He had forgotten they were one, and also now remembers. They are now one and not, and benefit from their combined experience and abilities, and do amazing work – both inner work and in the world. As she arrives, she reminds him how she can benefit him by touching a woman who is his client, and supporting her to be comfortable in a way he was initially not able to. This person has had and will have an amazingly rich life, both inner life and in the world, physically and not, as man and woman and both and neither. There is a fullness and richness here as rich as the world, and a freedom in that richness.

Everything in this dream feels very familiar, and yet also as if I am just reminded. There was an effortless presence of male and female, science and art, inner life and outer life, and more, just as in life. It is my life, and yet not – in the sense that it’s also universal and impersonal. There is a fullness and richness in this life, and yet also not in that it’s very simple. It’s the past, and also the present and future.

This person is man, women, both and not – in that it’s life itself. The water is there allowing fish to swim and plants to be supported, and yet not there as if it’s air allowing me to see clearly and breathe normally. Transportation happens normally, and also instantaneously. The man and woman are one, and yet not – as they have distinct lives and experiences. Past, future and present are just that, and also here now. The person’s life is rich and full, as rich and full as life itself, and also very simple, as life itself.

Before falling asleep, it was very clear of past, future and present cannot be made real even if I try. It’s all images, it’s all awareness, it’s all appearances.


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