Some facets of FEAR – Fantasy Expressed As Reality:

It’s from a belief, a mistaken perception. Really, it’s from a temporary mistaken identification – with a viewpoint, an identity.

It’s a pointer to a belief or set or beliefs. Fear is a guidepost to thoughts taken as true.

It’s actively created here and now. And it may be believed at an emotional and/or energetic level, even if it’s not consciously taken as true.

It may appear to be “stored” in the body, and can be released through certain activities such as TRE. (This may reflect active beliefs at emotional and energetic levels.)

It has an survival function (evolution). It encourages me to take care of myself. It offers advice, caution. I can harvest this advice through dialogues with fear.

It adds to the drama of a mistaken identity. It’s part of the play of reality. It’s Lila. It’s life temporarily scaring itself and experiencing itself that way too. If life can go somewhere, it does.




  • Fear – Fantasy Expressed As Reality
  • – from a belief, mistaken perception
  • – (a) actively created here now (consciously), (b) stored in body/system (still believed at emotional/energetic levels, if not consciously)
  • – function here now – (a) offer guidance in itself (wisdom, kindness at a certain level), (b) pointer to belief
  • – evolution, survival function (run away, cautious, pay attention, plan ahead)
  • – add to the drama of mistaken identity, the play of god, lila  (life temporarily identifying with stories, identities, scaring itself)

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