God is sometimes referred to as personal and impersonal. How do I find that in my own experience?

God is impersonal in that God is reality, what is, what’s here now. God is experience and what experience happens within and as. (Including confusion, identifications etc.)

God is personal in that this “I” can connect with infinite love and intelligence, there is a personal communication between this appearance of an I and me and God as infinite love and intelligence.

And that I and me, and the infinite love and intelligence, are all expressions of the impersonal God.

So God is impersonal and personal, and neither since all of that are just labels and mental overlays.

P.S. The personal facet of God is something I relate to and communicate with through prayer, visualization, meditation and intention, and all the ordinary ways people communicate with God. When I do that, there is often a sense of connection and presence. And I can also notice that all of it – the I and me, identification as an I and me, the infinite love and intelligence, a sense of presence – happens within and as what is.

This may sound quite abstract, and it is. What’s more immediate is that what appears as impersonal and impersonal are here now, and it’s all happening within and as what is.

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