Ideologies in therapy

This came up in a conversation with an inquiry-friend, and also reflects what I have noticed for myself.

Ideologies in counseling or therapy may serve as a pointer to where the therapist/client may get “stuck”.  Of course, the client – or therapist – may at any point move beyond it.

For instance, a therapist may have an ideology (belief) that the client is a victim and in no way is responsible for a traumatic episode. And yet, taking responsibility for our own part is often essential for healing and resolution.

I may have the belief that “he did it to me”. As long as that belief is there, I am “stuck” in the situation because it’s not quite true. It’s not aligned with reality. Through inquiry, I may find “I did it to me” with specific examples: I didn’t stop it or leave the situation. I have replayed it in my mind many times after it happened, so continue to do it to me. And all of it – all images, all stories – happens now in my own world of images. Recognizing this is a big relief for me. It’s more aligned with my truth. (And as Katie so often points out, this is in no way condoning what happened or abuse in general. If anything, it frees me up to prevent it from happening again.)


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