Inquiry: I am a special case

I am a special case. 

(I am or should be exempt from  many of the human experiences – loss, grief, pain, illness, death.)

– 0 –

Is it true?


What happens when I believe that thought?

I feel I am a special case. I see myself as different.

I see myself as exempt from what I see happening to/for people around the world: Loss, grief, illness, pain, death (especially violent death.)

I see myself as protected.

I feel it’s unfair if something like that happens to me. Disbelief. Shock.

I feel unsafe. I know it may happen.

I feel life is on my side if it doesn’t happen, and against me if it happens.

Who would I be without it?

I am a human among other humans. We all share the universal human experiences.

There is a beauty in this sharing. There is a beauty in acknowledging it.

It feels real. Rich.

(I am staying with this experience, letting it sink in.)


I am not a special case. 

I am a human being, with human experiences – and these include loss, grief, illness, pain, death.

It may include anything I see  in the world.

There is no reason why this life should be different from any other life.

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