The kindness in what appears unkind

Police in Texas have shot dead a 15-year-old boy carrying an air-powered pellet gun.
Texas police shoot dead 15-year-old boy in The Guardian

What’s the kindness in what appears unkind?

Here is some of what I find for myself:

It helps me awaken to my thoughts and find a more kind and wise way. It helps me see and question my thoughts around brutality, death and the US mentality.

It helps me see what happens when we believe our thoughts, and am caught up in fear, and find it in myself and my life.

It helps me see that the police did what they thought were best. They acted out kindness, to protect themselves and others, and out of the options available to them from within their own beliefs.

Some thoughts:

Life is better than death. People shouldn’t die.

He was better off alive than dead.

Something terrible happened.

The police acted out of fear.

The US mentality is stupid and brutal.

I am in the wrong place when I am in the US.

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