Appreciation for the beliefs through inquiry

Through inquiry, and perhaps especially question #3 – What happens, how do you react when you believe that thought? – I notice I often find a genuine appreciation for the belief.

The belief is a form of love, and it’s aim is to help “me” (the image of a me or I) to find safety.

I may find value in it’s effects. It may have helped me do or experience or learn something I otherwise wouldn’t.

I see the belief, the motivation behind it, and it’s effects are universal, they are shared. It’s all universally human.

And I see it’s all innocent. There belief is formed from love, as a strategy to keep this me and I safe. The effects follow naturally from believing the thought, and I may find value in them. And it’s all universally human.

So I can find appreciation for it as worried love, it’s effects, that it is shared and universal, and that it’s all innocent.



– #3 – find appreciation for the belief in inquiry
– it’s a form of love, aimed to find safety
– worried love, a bit confused
– innocent, a heart of gold
– has even some wisdom in it
– and may also find appreciation for it’s effects
– appreciation for (a) where it comes from, the motivation/intention behind it, (b) it’s effects, (c) shared, universal, (d) all innocent

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