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A dream a friend (R.W.) of mine had about me about a year ago.
There was a computer on a stand which I was sharing with people I’ve known from different times of my life. It was busy with people coming and going, checking their email, etc. Next to the computer stand was a staircase that led to an open trapdoor into Italy. People dressed in flamboyant colors and styles, talking and laughing loudly, were coming up and down the stairs. I saw P. in the room~he looked very young and lithe, as if he were in his twenties, although he was his current age. We greeted each other and sat down on a sofa to get caught up on our lives.
 “I’m so happy about this staircase to Italy,” P. told me, “since I now have three Italian girlfriends!”
Three?! ” I said. “Do they know about each other?”
“Oh yes, they certainly do,” he said, smirking. “And here, let me show you what it’s like!” He began shaking violently, rocking the sofa and causing me to shake, too.
When he was finished, he said to me intensely, “Rachael, you’re only visual and mental in your perceptions of the world. There are so many other ways to experience being alive!”
I became angry and yelled “Oh, quit your new-age bullshit, P.! The visual and mental are perfectly fine ways of experiencing the world.” By now many of the others in the room had turned around to watch.
It’s a fun synchronicity that the dream involves (a) shaking and (b) finding youthfulness, aliveness and coming more into the body, and that the dream happened about the time I first heard about TRE and a few weeks before I had tried it. I had not mentioned it to R.W. at that time. I also enjoy and resonate with what I said in the dream, and that she stood up for herself!

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