Inquiry on teacher

I am doing a bodywork intensive, and the main teacher’s teachings both mirror and trigger beliefs for me to take to inquiry.

Some beliefs triggered by him:

He underestimates his students. He treats them like children.

He should use inquiry instead of talks. It’s more powerful when people find their own answers.

The structure is patriarchal, old fashioned and allows only one-way communication. It’s better if a group invites and is receptive to honest feedback.

He should should talk about his own experience in specific situations. He shouldn’t overgeneralize to all situations and all people (“everyone”, “nobody”, “always”, “never”).

He is too tied to tradition in his teaching (Gurdjieff). He talks about things he has read in books.

Note: The practice is a deeply nurturing form of bodywork, and more a form of meditation in action which can be applied to any situation in life.


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