Interpretation of experience

Sometimes when old wounds and beliefs surface, they feel huge. What surfaces happens to fill consciousness so it appears huge. More specifically, it triggers a belief that it’s huge, and that creates an label and interpretation that it’s huge, and the full experience of it as huge.  There may also be underlying beliefs: It’s too much. It will never end. It will never heal. It’s hopeless.

After it passes it’s seen more in perspective, and perhaps as quite small and manageable again.

I notice something similar around heartbreak. When it surfaces it may feel unbearable, and yet, when it’s felt and allowed, it can be quite small and gentle, and even beautiful to me. The belief that (the sensations, experience of) heart break is unbearable is what creates the experience that it’s unbearable.

Any experience can be explored in this way. Is pain what it appears at first? Tiredness?

It’s pain. It’s unbearable. It’s too much. It’s a problem.

It’s tiredness. I need more sleep. I won’t be able to function. I am unable to function.

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