Kate Bush: Snowed in at Wheeler Street

This song is fertile ground for finding beliefs, both those I easily recognize for myself and those I (appear to)  only imagine in others. The lyrics touches on some very common human beliefs.

Here are some statements that come up for me, listening/feeling into this beautiful song:

Lost love is romantic.

I lost her. I let her walk away.

She was the right one for me.

I will never find anyone as good.

I won’t have another chance.

I will lose her. It won’t last. I’ll be alone. I’ll be lost.

Heartbreak is unbearable. Heartbreak means something went wrong.

Soulmates are forever. Soulmates mean a lifetime intimate relationship.

I have attachment problems. It can’t be changed.

I am unable to be in a healthy romantic relationship.

I don’t know what’s good for me. I let go of a wonderful opportunity. I make poor decisions.

I disappoint (myself, others).

Other people are more free than me in saying/doing what they want. (Especially in starting, changing, ending relationships.)

Note: If/when I am certified in The Work, I may organize a workshop where we select and play songs, and then do inquiry on what comes up. Michal Jackson’s They Don’t Care About Us is another good one.

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