Nutty, dork, weird

Over the last few days, different friends have called me nutty, a dork and weird, all with love.

In what ways am I nutty, a dork and weird? In what ways does it fit the situations it was spoken, and more generally in my life?

I am nutty in that I do inquiry, often at odd times of the day or night.

I am a dork when I don’t express my love and appreciation for someone, and when I am not clear on what I want in a specific situation.

I am weird because I sometimes feel I experience the world a bit differently from the “average” person, and sometimes feel a bit awkward socially.

I notice it feels good to find this for myself, and how much I appreciate that others feel free enough to say it.

2 thoughts to “Nutty, dork, weird”

  1. It is such a compliment to be called weird. You are weird. Weird in a good you know your God gift way. How fortunate you can express your uniqueness and share it. Thank you. You and your weirdness are a gift. Keep being weird!!

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