Observations, facts, stories

Any story can be taken as true and create stress, whatever we call it – an observation, facts, reality, life, my life, my circumstances, or a story. And it can be taken to inquiry.

Even what first appeared as obviously true may, when I take a closer look, reveal itself differently.

Said another way:

It may be helpful to differentiate between observations, facts (data), and stories. And yet, aren’t they all stories?

An observation is as much a story and an interpretation as any other story. It can be made into a belief, create stress, and can be taken to inquiry.

No story is off limits for inquiry. If I tell myself a story is an observation or obviously true, that in itself may be a reminder to take a closer look and see what’s revealed.

I am a human being. There are beings. Humans are…. confused, misguided, unawakened. Life is hard.

Note: This topic came to mind during a conversation with a friend who differentiated between observations and stories, and whose “observations” seemed to cause him some distress. I can find where I do the same.


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