Wheel of life

The wheel of life depicts a range of human states and experiences. All of it can have an overlay of stories and interpretations, and these can be recognized as stories and images or taken as true.

And as with any cosmology or any map, model or image – it reflects what’s here now. It reflects what’s here, whether a story says it’s “over there” in another person or in the past or future, or it’s noticed as happening here.

There is a beauty in all this that comes and goes. Experiences, states, images of me and I, identifications – it all comes and goes. I can ask myself what is it that doesn’t come and go? 


wheel of life
– happiness/sadness on top at any one time, then shifts
– whole range of human experiences
– can notice it’s all a wheel, not “what i am”, what is it all happening within/as?

– is it me, or happening within me? (the experiences, emotions, thoughts, states, images, identifications, this me and i)

– projections of what’s here (any cosmology, map, image/experience)





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