Wish for nonexistence

When I look at a wish for nonexistence, I see it comes from a set of beliefs (life is too difficult etc.) and  it’s really a wish for nonexistence of what appears as a problem (confusion, pain).

Here are some that have come up for me to do inquiry on:

I want to die
Life is too difficult
Others don’t care (if I am alive or dead)
I don’t contribute enough
My life is not valuable/valued/appreciated
My life doesn’t mean much
I am better off dead
Others are better off if I am not here

Just to clarify: Does it mean these are consciously held beliefs? No. Some are beliefs I imagine in others, and some may sometimes be noticed here in the background. And I can still take them to inquiry. I never know in advance what will come out of it, and even when I see some things during and afterwards I don’t really know then either. All I need to do is to identify stressful beliefs and answer the questions.


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