Dream: Hooded figure

I am at a cafe in an old town in Italy (?). As I briefly walk away from my table, a man runs off with my camera and wallet. I am unsettled by the experience. Later, I am in my own house in the same town, and see a hooded figure looking at me through a window and a doorway. He disappears as I approach him. This repeats several times, and I shout who are you?

When I explored the second part of this dream through active imagination, I notice fear coming up when I see the hooded figure. His face is in the shadow. There is a sense he is here to convey a message to me, but it’s not yet time. He does not appear sinister or of ill-will. It’s the unknown about him that brings up fear in me, which leads to anger when he disappears as I approach him. The town and buildings have an old, medieval feel, and my room or house is in the same area as the cafe.

Update: I am in Zurich now and Jung is on my mind as I will visit Küsnacht and Bollingen in a few days. As I woke up, there was a clear sense that this mysterious hooded figure was one Jung had written about. I just looked it up, and found references to Telesphorus. He fits the appearance and atmosphere of the dream well.

In Greek mythology, Telesphorus (or Telesphoros) was a son of Asclepius. He frequently accompanied his sister, Hygieia. He was a dwarf whose head was always covered with a hood or cap. He symbolized recovery from illness, as his name means “the accomplisher” or “bringer of completion” in Greek. Representations of him are found mainly in Anatolia and along the Danube.

If this is the case, it fits my dream from last summer and also my sense that the dark night is ending and of entering a new – more clear – phase.

I will explore this some more through active imagination to see what comes up.

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