I don’t think for other people

I don’t think for other people.
– Byron Katie

And some statements for me to look into:

I know what she thinks (wants, needs). I know what’s best for him. Is it true?

Note: I wrote what’s below first, and noticed it didn’t feel good. I am jumping ahead. It sounds like I know. And although I did write it from experience, I wrote from the part of me that do know from experience while there are still parts of me that don’t. So it feels more honest to write honoring the parts of me that don’t know through identifying beliefs and then take them to inquiry.

Through that and similar inquiries, I may find it’s not really possible to think for other people. It’s all for me anyway.

Any advice is for me. Any image of the other person and what they may think, want or need is an image here now, and reflects something in me.

Through finding more clarity, the impulse to think for other people loses it’s foundation.

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