Inquiry: My best years are behind me

My best years are behind me.



Sure it’s true?


How do you react, what happens, when you believe that your best years are behind you?

I feel sad. Lost. Hopeless.

I give up.

I look forward to this life being over.

I see the future as empty, meaningless, filler experiences.

I tell myself I made wrong decisions, my life got off track, I am missing out, I am not living the life I am supposed to live.

I tell myself that past is better than the present and future. The future or present cannot live up/match to the past.

I idealize/idolize the past.

My mind goes to images of the past. I regret my choices. I obsess over lost opportunities.

I am not quite present with people. I am caught in images of the past, regrets.

Who would you be without the thought, my best years are behind me?

Excited about what’s here now.

More fully present, engaged.

More alive.

More joy.

More connected with others in my life, myself, life.

I would feel more solid, grounded, rooted.


a. My best years are ahead of me.

1. I am more mature, experienced. More willing to settle.

2. I don’t know. It could be true.

b. My best years are not behind me.

1. They are gone. They only exist in images. (And those images are here now.)

2. I don’t know.

3. “Best” is just a thought, a comparison of one image to another.

c. My worst years are behind me.

1. It could be true.

2. I have inquiry and TRE now.

– o –

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