I can be tamed by belief or reality.

When I am tamed by a belief, I live and perceive within the world created by the belief.

So I can invite taming by reality instead (inquiry, meditation, prayer, ho’o etc.) – being tamed by love, kindness, reality, God.

Note: There is of course not any “I” to invite the taming nor any “me” to be tamed, although it may appear that way for a while. It’s reality taming itself, bringing itself into more conscious alignment with itself.



I can be tamed in two ways.

First by believing stories – when I am caught up in fears, customs, expectations and shoulds.

Then by being tamed by love, kindness, reality, God.

In both cases, I tame myself. The first version is painful and limits life, joy, zest and passion. And second comes from intention, receptivity, and – for instance – inquiry.



1 – by beliefs, fears (customs, expectations, shoulds)

2 – by love, kindness, reality, god




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