The Artist

I just saw The Artist at Barn Cinema and was surprised of how powerful it was for me. The clean story, beautifully amplified in the spirit of the silent movies, made it very archetypal and brought up several beliefs.

Here are some to take to inquiry:

1. I am better than others. I am on top of the world. I can get what I want. I can do what I put my mind to. Nothing can touch me.

2. I have lost it all. I am worthless. I am a loser. I have failed. They see me as a failure. I am a nobody. I don’t matter to others. The world is better without me.

3. I cannot accept her help. She pities me. Her kindness is out of pity. He needs my help.

4. I cannot tell him (her) I love him (her). I cannot ask for what I want. I am washed up –> nobody will want me. He’s a big star –> he won’t want me. He’s not ready yet.

When I take any of these to inquiry, I find a situation and time where it was alive for me, and answer the questions from there.

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