Beliefs brought to the Surface by CF

Health challenges are good for bringing beliefs to the surface. Here are some that still come up for me, sometimes – as this weekend – triggered by a simple cold:

I won’t be able to function, people will judge me.
I am a disappointment to god/others/myself.
I am not living up to my potentials.
I am responsible for the cf/dark night.
I shouldn’t feel tired. I need to have more energy (in order to do what I want).

It’s cf. It’s a dark night.
I can’t do what I want.
It’s not what I want. **

Looking at some underlying beliefs:

I won’t be able to function because….

I don’t have enough energy/clarity.
I am not fit enough for this world.

I won’t be able to function and that means…..

I won’t have a comfortable life.
People will judge/look down on me.
People will leave me. I will be alone.
I will be lost. My life will spiral down.

I am responsible for the cf and that means….

It reflects on my character. I have a weak character.
People will judge me/look down at me.
I am a disappointment to myself/others/God.
People won’t like me -> They will leave me -> I will be lost -> My life will spiral down -> My life/mind will disintegrate -> I will cease to exist.


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